Driven by Design

Concorde Marine has partnered with the award-winning yacht design and styling studio Setzer Yacht Architects for the development of its Sport Yacht Series. Observing a growing desire among yacht owners for a cross-functional yacht combining performance fishing, fuel-efficient passage-making, and luxurious accommodations within a single, sporty platform, Concorde founder Gilbert Villarreal and Setzer Yacht Architects President Ward Setzer set out on a multi-year collaboration beginning in 2008 to develop the new series. Designed to incorporate new advances in diesel-electric hybrid technology, the series includes a newly developed flagship model, the HT-104 Tournament Edition, introduced in early 2014.    

Automotively Inspired

In tribute to Villarreal's automotive background, the Setzer team has placed particular emphasis on the industrial design detailing and ergonomics of the Concorde fleet, pairing the deep-V hulls with clean lines, intricate styling, and precisely sculpted superstructures. Taking further cues from the automotive industry, hybrid propulsion packages are offered across the Concorde Sport Yacht line providing owners increased versatility in the operation and energy management of their vessels. 

Design is a journey and endless learning process. Designers must above all else be artists able to control, manipulate, and craft any medium to results beyond cliche. Our goal remains that each new project goes a step beyond all expectations
— Ward Setzer, Yacht Designer