Concorde Hybrid Diagram.jpg

Benefits of Diesel-Electric Hybrid: 

With inspiration from the automotive industry, hybrid propulsion packages are offered across the Concorde Sport Yacht line, providing owners increased versatility in the operation and energy management of their vessels.  Concorde Sport Yacht owners can chose between three distinct drive modes depending on situation:

Diesel Powered Mode – Using low emission diesel engines with lower fuel consumption and extended component life provide economical all around and top end performance.

Generator Driven Electric Motor Mode – Running at lower cruising speeds from the yachts generator, with improved sound shields and quieter engine, provides a quiet and economical cruising speed mode.

Battery Powered Electric Motor Mode – Run near silent from the Lithium battery banks for short periods of no noise, slow harbor speed.

How the System Works:

The electric modes make use of a hydraulically managed clutch between the diesel engine and electric motor.  The electric motor engages the driveline and provides the flexibility to then run from the generator or the lithium battery bank.

The modern engine and generator found on the Concorde Sport Yacht are designed to meet the highest tier emissions requirements with low fuel consumption. 

The Lithium battery banks are lightweight, compact, long life expectancy while rated to provide thousands of cycles.

While docked the Concorde Sport Yacht is connected to the shore power supply to charge the battery bank while the inverter provides AC power to the yachts electronics.

 All of the electric components are controlled by an energy management system